Ju mund t’i keni parë të gjithë fituesit e edicionit të 89 të Academy Awards, gjithashtu edhe veshjet e tyre, por kjo nuk është e gjitha.

Shpesh ndodhin edhe disa situata të cilat nuk shihen në ekrane, por janë fotografët ata që i kapin prapaskenat që shpesh duken edhe kaotike,  transmeton Klan Kosova.

Më poshtë janë disa nga këto momente.
"The technology and innovation we have today helps those watching from home to experience the event like you're there yourself."
"You never know if you're gonna get that magic photo."
"During the show it's a foot race. It's unpredictable. You're running to catch the next big star who just arrived on the red carpet. These guys are in great shape."
"Visually, any gown that's physically larger, and puffy, gives us so much to work with and so many opportunities."
"The excitement level is through the roof. It's a truly unique energy level."
"As a photographer, it's all about dialing in to the energy around you."
The Vanity Fair party is a little more relaxed. The stars change into more comfortable outfits for it.


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#Oscars ready

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Post Oscars. Pre party. Baby daddy duty.

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