Përderisa secila bebe është e lezetshme dhe sharmante mjaftueshëm sa për ta vjedhur të dashurin/dashurën tuaj, disa prej tyre duken aq të vjetër sa mund ta thërrasin babanë e tyre “bir”.

Bored Panda ka përpiluar një listë me fotografi qesharake të të vegjëlve që dolën nga barku duke u ankuar menjëherë rreth temperaturës së dhomës dhe duke luajtur bingo.

A nuk ngjan me Gordon Ramsay

Our Baby Looks Exactly Like Gordon Ramsay

Kjo bebe duket sikur versioni edhe më i vogël i aktorit Danny Devito

My Son Used To Look Like Danny Devito

At 2 Days Old, My Daughter Has Perfected The “Are They Using My Driveway To Turn Around?” Look

This Baby Looks Like An Old Irish Man

So My Friend's Baby Looks Like Gandalf The White

15 Minutes Old And Already Tired Of Your Sh*t

My Friend's Baby Photo. I Couldn't Stop Laughing

If I Saw This Baby, I'd Probably Call Him Sir By Accident

Anyone Seen My Teeth??

My Mom's Persian Friend's Baby

This Is What Newborn Norwegians Looks Like

This Baby Is A Whole 7 Mins Old & Already Fed Up With Life

My Niece Came Out Pissed

This Is My Fiancé's Friend's Son

Oh Dear! My Word!

I've Been Using My Nephew As Reaction Pictures

My Son Was Born Just In Time For His 80th Birthday

My Daughter Looks Like She Lives In A Van Down By The River

This Baby Is Already Sick Of His Grandchild's Sh*t

Friends Baby Looks Like Wallace Shawn

Brought My Son Home From The Hospital After He Was Born, He Doesn't Seem Very Happy About It

Middle Aged 1 Month Old

My Daughter Looks Like Steve Buscemi

That Hairline

Grumpy Old Baby

My Son Contemplating Life On His First Camping Trip

Just Trying To Get A Little Breakfast Around Here

Nursing Home Shot

Get Off My Lawn And Let Me Enjoy My Metamucil

Not Amused In The Slightest

Baby Looks Happy To Collect His First Pension Slip

Where Am I?!

Baby In Florida Was Born Weighing 14 Pounds And Has Already Lived 50 Years

My Eighty Year Old One Day Old Son

Grandpa Baby

They Grow Up So Fast

7 Lbs 11 Oz, 81 Years Old

That Baby Looks Like Churchill!

I Was A Balding Baby

My Friend's Baby Looks Like He Just Got Done Working Out

Old Baby. My Son Just As He Plopped Down From Standing

Instant Old Man When He's Angry

My Son, Not A Day Over 80

1,000 Yard Stare

My Cousin's 3-Week-Old Son

1 Month Till My 80th Birthday

Little Dude Got Some Serious Old Man Brows

You'll Understand When You're Older

Baby Pattern Baldness